TheBOAH.com is an online publishing and marketing platform providing you with a one-stop information source on all things African Hair, Skin and Beauty.


“With the expansion of the online global beauty industry, not a lot of information available online is geared to the African market… and when available, it’s scattered all over the place, so that you have to do in-depth research just to find the basics.

At TheBOAH.com, we aim to bring to you, in one place, all the information you need to know about African hair (whether you are going natural, relaxed, texlaxed, dreads etc), African Skin and the African Beauty market.”

TheBOAH.com features:


  • A Starter’s Guide –  a free-to-view guide rich in information on getting healthy and beautiful African hair, skin and beauty for novices.


  • TheBOAH Forum  where you get to interact with other website users, and compare and share experiences… a support network.