ACNE | Secrets to Clear Skin with Delina



…Because No One Deserves to Have Acne…

In this video, makeup artist and YouTuber, Delina of makeupedge, shows us how to get clear acne-free skin, while taking us through her journey to clear skin.

Side Note: A lot of these are too true, haven suffered moderate acne and succeeded in my journey to clear acne-free skin, I discovered a lot of what is being mentioned. As it was difficult getting the set in Nigeria, I substituted by adding  benzoyl peroxide treatment gels like Duac, Panoxyl 5, amongst others. I used this while using the Clinique Anti-blemish 3 step cleansing set. After cleansing with step 1 and 2, I used the bp gel, and then moisturised with step 3. This worked for me. Stay tuned for the Journey to Clear Skin Series…


Here are some highlights of what she said:

1. Food– Some vitamins contain an ingredient called Biotin, which can cause breakouts in some people. She also found whey protein caused breakouts for her, and replaced it with brown rice protein.

2. Allergies– She uses Zinc Oxide SPF Moisturizer like – Oil of Olay Complete All Day UV Moisturizer SPF 15

3. Skincare Regimen–

4. Avoid Stress

5. Wash Makeup Brushes regularly, or use a sponge and throw it away after use.

6. Birth Control

7. Change Your Pillow Weekly



Watch, Learn & Enjoy!!!