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Get your company listed on TheBOAH Directory- Companies list, and take advantage of our custom embedded marketing. Get even more exposure on all other theBOAH platforms.


Stylish Company Profiles:    Showcase your company and what you have to offer in the best possible light, with our elegant company profiles page.

Companies Profile page

Companies Profile page

Embedded Marketing:     TheBOAH offers our own customised brand of marketing that gives your company every opportunity to be made tastefully visible to our readers. Products and services mentioned anywhere on the site will be linked back to companies that provide them.

How embedded marketing works

How embedded marketing works

Exposure on all Platforms:     Your Company will gain even more exposure through most of theBOAH platforms. This apart from our website includes Social Networking and SMS platforms.

Growing followership on Social media. More platforms coming soon...

Growing followership on Social media. More platforms coming soon…

Specialty-Tags Category System:      Gain even more and streamlined visibility through our specialty based Categories system that allows your company to be listed based on all your individual specialties, as opposed to a generalised broad category*.

Detailed tagging system

Detailed tagging system

Product Review Referrals:      If you sell or produce products, get even added visibility through our referrals on the Products Review pages, that show where to buy products being reviewed.

'Where to Buy' on Products Review section

‘Where to Buy’ on Products Review section

What Companies or People can get listed

  • Anyone in the Hair, Skin and Beauty industries; as well as those that perform functions to support that industry.

If you can be tagged as performing one or more of the following functions or services (Specialty –Tags):

Hair stylist; Makeup Artist; Spa; Salon; Beauty Shop; Beautician; Facials; Massages; Dermatologist; Barbers; Magazine; Website; Blog; Waxing; Eyebrow Threading; Bridal Hair; Bridal makeup; Gele Tying; Weaveologist; Hair store; Photography; Hair Products; Beauty Products; Makeup; Health & Drug Store; Gyms; Healthy Living; Manicures; Home visits; Hair Specialist; Skin Specialist; Beauty Specialist; Others… (More to follow soon)

Then you stand to gain maximum benefits from listing your company or services on

How to Get Listed

Step 1: Register your profile on

Step 2: Register your company by filling the Directory- Companies form (Add Listing/Places)


  • Make sure to put up good high resolution pictures that best display work, premises, services and or products.
  • Make sure to tag yourself or company with as many of the listed Specialty-tags as applies to you.

If you encounter any problems, have any questions or need help, check the frequently asked Question (FAQ);

Or send an Email to:

Costs and Payments

The minimum time period you can have your company listed on our directory is 1 (one) month.

Listing your company can cost as little as N850* per month, per company.

This can be paid on a monthly basis, at the beginning of a month’s term. You can also pay Quarterly (Every 3 months), Bi-Annually (Every 6 months), or Annually (Every 12 months).

Please email your Company Name, What your Company does, and Contact details to:

And we will send you details of pricing and registration information*

*Concessions apply on bulk payments.

Launch Promo!!!

We are currently doing a Launch Promo!

Get your company listed absolutely free for a month! No payments down! No Obligations after a month!

All you have to do is register your company Before July 13th 2014.

Go to Directory- Companies form (Add Listing/Places) to register your company or service.

For more information, send an email to:

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