BOAH Read: Becoming Natural: To ‘big chop’ or ‘not big chop’?

By Temi




You have made the decision to go natural? Yippie!!! Now you are wondering… Do I transition or do the big chop.

Firstly, it is important to note that no one method is better than the other; you can do both. Some of us want to eat our cake and have it by doing both methods which is fine if it works.

I last relaxed my hair on the 14th June 2009 and did my big chop march 2010; I transitioned for 9 months before I finally chopped it all off.

To make your decisions easier, I have decided to simplify things a bit by outlining the pros and cons of each method.



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Pros of Transitioning


Cooling off Period – Transitioning gives you time to weigh the decision, we all love it when shops allow us return the products we bought when we realised it wasn’t really what we wanted. Transitioning allows you to change your mind before you appear ‘natchy’ to the whole of Nigeria.

Holding on to length – While transitioning you still have the longer, relaxed part of your hair, feeling your hair graze your shoulders or neck is in some odd way reassuring.



Maintenance – Dealing with two textures is the biggest and most obvious part of transitioning. Washing is difficult, combing is a chore and styling…. makes your life harder than it should be.

Weak Hair – Your hair breaks like no other. It is bound to break because of the different textures, and no matter how much you care for it; you can’t stop it from breaking.

Missing Out – While you are transitioning, you could be out buying natural products, trying styles and learning how to manage your hair texture from the start.


Doing the Big Chop




Freedom – Once all that hair is gone, you will feel free like a brand new human being. With the high temperatures here in Lagos your scalp will thank you and you can thank me later.

It is Final – You make that decision and there is no going back. This is a good thing because you have to, absolutely must deal with what you have. No cooling off periods no refunds; this helps you learn fast and very quickly know what you need.




The image – Some might experience not feeling feminine enough, that can happen when your cut is so close to your scalp. When my hair was short, I did not feel as feminine and I didn’t know how to rectify that but having nowhere to go made me deal with it and fast.