DEFINE YOUR CURLS | Twist-Out 101 with Naptural 85


Twistout 101 Naptural85


If Twist Outs Never Worked for You, You Should Definitely Give This a Try…

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Photo Credit: Naptural85


Who says natural hair can’t be fun? Twist Outs are a fun way to redefine your curls without using any heat.

They are low manipulation and protective styles that helps reduce hair breakage, and definitely a great way to wear your hair out in an Afro!

Youtuber, Naptural 85, shows a great and easy way to achieve a great twist out. If they never worked for you, or never came out nice, you should definitely try her method. You can improvise as you go along, based on your hair needs, but this is a great starting point.


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Hair is divided into sections. Working on a section, water is spritzed lightly onto hair. Photo Credit: Naptural85


Twistout 101 Naptural85 4

Shea Butter is applied to the section. Photo Credit: Naptural85


Twistout 101 Naptural85 5

…And the section is Flat Twisted down, the roots secured with a bobby pin. Hair is Satin wrapped, ready for the night. Photo Credit: Naptural85


Twistout 101 Naptural85 6

The next morning, twists are unraveled gently… and voila! Photo Credit: Naptural85



She maintains her twist-out for weeks by using the “scrunchie” method shown in the video. She can usually do the “scrunchie” method for three days in a row before having to re-twist! Great for my lazy hair days! …And it also helps to elongate your hair!

Twistout 101 Naptural85 7

To maintain twist out curls, moisture is spritzed into hair. Photo Credit: Naptural85

Twistout 101 Naptural85 8

…Tied up using a scrunchie, and then satin wrapped for bedtime. Photo Credit: Naptural85

Twistout 101 Naptural85 9

The next morning, the now more stretched out curls are fluffed gently. Photo Credit: Naptural85


Products Used:


Water in spritz bottle (You can also use a leave in conditioner or regular conditioner mixed with water

Shea Butter





Watch, Learn & Enjoy!!!