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If you have sensitive skin, Clinique is a skincare and beauty brand you should really look into!!!

Clinique is an international skincare, cosmetics, toiletries and fragrances brand, owned by the Estée Lauder Corporation. 

Here’s an interesting story about them that you might not know about. The brand was born from a Vogue magazine editor and a dermatologist. Here’s the story…



“Clinique was born after an article appeared in U.S. Vogue in August 1967 – asking if Great Skin Can Be Created? This is Carol Phillips, the editor of the magazine at the time.

Carol Phillips

Carol Phillips

The beauty editor interviewed a New York City based dermatologist for the story, Dr. Norman Orentreich. At that time, the New York Medical Society did not allow doctors to publicly identify themselves in the media, so he did the article anonymously. In the story, he talked about his thoughts on skin care and exfoliation. He described his prescription of a soap and exfoliation routine that wasn’t found anywhere else in those days. The answer explained that – you are not stuck with the skin you are born with and great skin can be created by following 3 simple steps and by using sun protection and leading a healthy lifestyle.

Vogue created

Dr Orientrach

Dr. Orientrach Dermatologist


Shortly after the article appeared in print, Leonard Lauder approached Carol Phillips, who was the beauty editor at Vogue Magazine in New York who wrote the article. His idea was to create a new line of cosmetics – with a difference. This new cosmetics line would be built on a foundation of skin care (i.e. treatment) and would be fragrance free and allergy tested, so even the most sensitive skins could use it. Carol Phillips knew that the only dermatologist she wanted to work with was Dr. Norman Orentreich. And, Clinique was born…

creating clinique
Here is a photo of Dr. Orentreich with Truman Capote, the original photograph was taken by Andy Warhol


clinique page

Here is the brand’s first advertisement


clinique 2

Clinique was founded on the principle that a customized daily cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing routine is one of the best ways to achieve great skin. The 3-Step Skin Care System is the necessary first step — created for all skin types, ages, races, etc.
There is a specific reason why one step follows another – they work synergistically, each one preparing skin for the next step, to enable healthy, radiant skin.
Here you can see one of the early 3-Step ads shot by world renown photographer, Irving Penn. Carol recruited Irving early on to create the great creative vision for the brand. He shot a number of advertisements for Clinique over the years.

clinique difference

Over the years, Clinique has tailored its iconic 3-Step Skin Care System for evolving needs of its customers and the skin. Step 2, exfoliation, remains the difference maker in Clinique’s famous 3-Step Skin Care System – both dermatologically and psychologically, as you feel and see the difference. But when it was originally developed, it was with a different world in mind.
So when we looked at what we’ve learned through studies and combined that information with what we know about today’s environment, we realized that we needed to refine the exfoliation process and provide a gentle yet effective way to clear away surface cellular debris and pollution. Exfoliation is not only about what comes off the skin, but also about what doesn’t.”