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Hypoxi: A Natural and Advanced Weight Loss Technology 3 times more effective than Regular Exercise 

“Hypoxi couples soft exercise with advanced vacuum technology to super charge your work out and shift common fat”


Hypoxi is a method of body shaping that combines exercise with advanced vaccum technology to burn fat and reduce cellulite in concerned body areas.

Hypoxi involves a simple 30-minute workout that is completely natural, safe and pain free targeting stubborn fat stores during an exercise or work out. This fast and effective weight loss technique available in over 40 countries has now made its way to the Nigerian market.

Hypoxi was founded and developed by Dr Nobert Egger, a Sports Scientist in 1998 from Salzburg Austria. After many years of experience in the fitness and weight loss industry, he noticed that many women struggled to reduce fat in problem areas like the stomach, hips, buttocks and thighs despite regular exercise and a healthy diet. Hypoxi was then birthed out of the knowledge that good circulation, exercise and healthy lifestyle are critical to weight loss in a specific area.

An independent study shows that Hypoxi workout is significantly superior to a conventional workout when it comes to targeting fat and cellulite in stubborn areas.


Hypoxi uses the natural principles of lipid metabolism to systematically reduce undesired fat deposits, an effect that does not usually occur when losing weight using the more traditional methods.

In 12 sessions, clients can lose up to 30 centimetres from their problems areas more than what can be achieved from conventional training methods.

The training method is also known to continually improve the complexion making it firm and beautiful. Not only that, it equally strengthens the dermal and connective tissue.

Hypoxi meets the demand of both men and women looking for a fast way to burn fat and cellulite. If you have ever wondered how celebrities stay in shape, now you have the answer.


Celebrities such as Robbie Williams, Victoria Beckham, Cheryl Cole, Katie Price, Melanie Brown (Mel B), Simon Cowell and Madonna have all used Hypoxi to transform their bodies.

Hypoxi has been introduced into the Nigerian Market by Mrs. Ehi Bello-Osagie who is one of the success stories of this revolutionary advanced technology.


The Hypoxi Studio in Lagos is located at:

271b Corporation Drive

Dolphin Estate

Ikoyi, Nigeria


Phone: 01-4537139 or 0809 860 0800


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