Four Simple Styles for Box Braids with Kyssmyhair | Part 1


Revamp your Box Braids for any event…

Box braids make great protective styles, if you hair is coarse (or strong) enough to handle them.  YouTuber, kyssmyhair, shows us 4 ways to style up box braids, and make them glam enough for any occasion… or if you just want to make things interesting.

We bring you the first part in a few great tutorials from this talented lady… So stay tuned!

There are four styles in the video:

  • The Forward Bun – Spice up a regular bun by pushing it forward and go from hot to haute.
  • Chunky Braided Side Bun – This is her favorite style because it’s more on the editorial side.
  • The Ring – This looks like her Saturn bun tutorial because it incorporates that planet element.
  • The Maze – This seems to be everyone’s favorite over on YouTube. It’s gives has a sort of retro Disney Princess vibe.

From right to left: The Forward Bun, The Ring, The Maze, Chunky Braided Side Bun


Which is your favourite?