GROW YOUR HAIR UNDER A WEAVE 1| How To Moisturise Your Hair with Kibibi




How to use Weaves and Wigs as a protective style!

Weaves can be your best friend or worst enemy…

If you are serious about growing your own hair, whether you choose to be natural, relaxed or texlaxed; you need to learn how to care for your hair and maintain your healthy hair regimen while wearing weaves or wigs.

Weaves are ONLY protective styles if you are taking care of your hair while wearing them. YouTuber and Author of “The 5 Hair Archetypes”, Kibibi of KibibiHair, shows us in this video how she moisturises her own hair under a weave. These same tips can be applied if you wear wigs or braids.


  • Make sure to weave you own hair under wigs, and keeps your ends tucked away. To allow them grow with minimal breakage.
  • Moisturise your leave-out hair with water based moisturiser, and seal with natural oil. (Jojoba oil unlike most oils, can moisturise a well as seal hair)

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Here are some tips she shares with us:

  • Moisturise your hair every 2 days for best results
  • Moisturise in the morning, not at bedtime
  • Don’t over-saturate your real hair


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