GROW YOUR HAIR UNDER A WEAVE 2| How To Wash Your Real Hair with Kibibi




How to use Weaves and Wigs as a protective style! (contd…)

Continuing from yesterday’s post  on Moisturising your hair under a weave, we continue with the ‘Grow your Hair Under a Weave’ series.

In this video, we also have Youtuber and Novelist, Kibibi of KibibiHair, show us how she goes about washing and drying her own hair while wearing a weave. Remember, weaves are ONLY protective styles if you are taking care of your hair while wearing them.



  • Dilute your shampoos and conditioners before using them to wash and condition your hair and weave. If too thick, you might find it difficult to remove residue from between your braid tracks. This can lead to dandruff-like symptoms amongst other things.
  • Make sure to completely dry your hair braids, either using a hand dryer or hood dryer.
  • Moisturise your own hair similar to how shown in earlier video, once it is completely dry.


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Watch, Learn and Enjoy!