HAIR | Heat-Free Techniques to Create Curls on Straighter or Less Curly Hair

By Wande


Curls are always in… but because you decided to relax or texlax your hair doesn’t mean you cannot achieve curls without using curling irons and straighteners.

These techniques are not just for those with relaxed or texlaxed hair; they are also great for those with natural hair looking to define/manipulate their curls.


  1. Bantu Knot Out

blackhairmedia Triangular-Bantu-Knotslaurenmechelle bantuknotout youtube bantuknotoutpinterest bantuknotout

This is the result of unravelling Bantu knots. Bantu knots are achieved by twisting hair around itself to form what looks like stacked loops. This can be done by any type of hair, from relaxed/texlaxed, to those transitioning to natural, to naturals looking to redefine and loosen their curls, to even loc’d hair.

Bantu knots can be done on damp or dry hair, though most people claim to achieve better results on dry hair. Divide hair into sections depending on how wavy or tightly curled you want the final results. The more the sections you do, the more tightly curled and voluminous you hair will look.

Apply a holding product such as pomade, gel, mousse, or setting foam to each section, detangle and smoothen section, and twist it into a Bantu knot. When hair is dry, carefully unravel and separate curls with fingers and a little coconut oil to add shine. Practise till you find the best technique and products that work for your hair.

Watch Lauren Mechelle’s video on how she creates her Bantu knot outs.


  1. Twist Out & Braid Out

pinterest twist outlonghaircareforum braidoutyoutuber braid out

These are similar to Bantu knot outs, but hair is done into 2 strand twists (Twist outs) or braids (Braid out), and then unravelled to reveal curls. The difference between the three comes in the shape and style of the curls created.

Like with the Bantu knot, both methods can be done by all hair types, and much in the same procedure as the former.


  1. Scrunching:

Scrunching- rockitnappturalmaxresdefault scrunching youtube

This is a method used to encourage curl formation, especially for those with looser curls (like with texlaxed hair), or people transitioning from relaxed to natural.

To get best results, do this on freshly washed and conditioned hair, while it is still wet. It can be done by putting a little gel in the palm of hands, flipping your hair upside down, and squeezing the ends to the middle of your hair strands. The result will show more curl definition on your hair.

To dry, it is best to use a diffuser attachment with your hair dryer, if you must, to keep the curls in place as you dry.


  1. Roller-set

rollerset - blackhairmedia relaxed hair 2008 Rollerset relaxed hair 2009 Rollerset

This is a pretty popular method of curling hair, differences may only occur in the type of rollers being used. Rollers include traditional rollers, curlformers, and bendy rollers, amongst others.

Best results are often achieved on damp hair (though it depends on the type of rollers being used… e.g bendy rollers are best on dry hair), using a holding product such as a mousse or setting lotion, and under the low heat of a hooded dryer. You can also air dry roller sets and achieve great results. You just have to play with different methods till you find what works best for your hair.

All types of hair can be curled using this method; relaxed/Texlaxed, transitioning, and naturals looking to stretch out their curls.



For those with natural hair, and those transitioning to natural, find out more ways to manipulate and define your curls



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