HAIR | How to Grow Back Your Front Hair (Thinning Hairline)

By Wande O.


Traction Alopecia on Naomi Campbell

Traction Alopecia on Naomi Campbell


If you take a look at the women you see around you… on the streets or closer to you, you will notice the increased number of women with thinning hairline or ‘no front hair’. It could be someone you’ve seen, someone you know, or even you.

The thinning and loss of hair at the front of your head is usually referred to as Traction Alopecia and can be caused by many things; but the most common often tends to be stress/tension on the hairline. When hair is pulled too tight, either when braiding, or weaving, or pulling it back in a tight ponytail/bun, too often over a period, you start to loose hair on the hairline.

Other causes of hair loss can be: bacteria/dandruff, genetics, post-partum or pregnancy hair loss, menopause, underlying health conditions (like alopecia, lupus, etc).



The good news is that you can grow your hair back, as long as your hair follicles are not damaged. It would just take some time and a lot of patience. If the hair follicles are damaged (the area of hair loss is completely bald smooth, with no hairs growing at all), the hair might never grow back there again. Hair transplant surgery might be your best bet at gaining some hair back. Speak to a specialist about this.

To treat, the hair follicles need to be rejuvenated by improving blood circulation throughout the scalp.

  • Firstly, stop hair practices that are causing your hair to thin out. Braids, weaves, tight buns and the rest can be halted for now.
  • Stimulate your scalp by doing gentle massages for a few minutes every day. Use the tips of your fingers (not nails) to gently massage scalp in a circular motion. You can do this dry, or apply a natural oil to do this. This helps increase blood circulation, which stimulates hair growth.
  • Use only natural products there. Natural oils like castor oil, coconut oil, almond oil, and so can, can help stimulate blood circulation and thus hair growth. Avoid anything that contains petroleum or mineral oil.
  • Try using products like Mega Tek rebuilder, and mane n’ tail that have been known to help with Rapid regrowth, thickening and strengthening of hair. Typically used on equine life, these products contain a lot of protein, so be careful if you are sensitive to protein treatments. Do moisturising deep conditioning often, and moisturise hair, to help keep your protein-moisture balance.
  • You can also try using vitamins that help hair growth. These usually contain biotin, so be careful if you have acne-prone skin. Make sure to drink plenty water while using such pills.

Remember hair growth will not happen overnight. It may take many months before you see results. Stay patient, and be consistent, and you will surely reap the fruits of your hard work.