HAIR STORY | Dami’s Texlaxed Hair Story

My hair story questions:


Meet Dami of Neriah Naturals…

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Dami’s Stats

What’s Your Orientation?:  Both Parents are Nigerians
Are You Natural, Relaxed, Texlaxed…?:  Texlaxed
Hair’s Porosity level:   don’t know the level moderately porous
Thickness of Hair Strands:   fine
Hair Density:   dense
Hair Length At Start Of Hair Journey?:   NL (Neck Length)
Current Hair Length?:  BSL (Bra Strap Length)
Hair Goal?: hair goal is MBL (Mid Back Length)


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  • How long have you been on your hair journey?

I first began my hair journey in September 2009. (5 years)

  • Why did you decide to start your hair journey and why did you choose to be (Natural/Relaxed/Texlaxed)?

I just got fed up with dealing with constant breakage and being ashamed of my hair.  I realized that I needed to make a change when I noticed I had bald spots at the back of my head. My hair started breaking around my nape and was considerably shorter than the rest of my hair. So I started gluing tracks to the area to fill out my hair more. Unfortunately the bonding glue made the problem area even worse so I had to keep adding more tracks and the breakage kept getting worse until I couldn’t pack my hair up in to a ponytail. My entire nape and then some was gone.

This hair mishap made me really take a good look at how I was treating my hair and African hair care at whole.  I decided to take better care of my hair, by going to the salon regularly and getting my hair done weekly or every two weeks. I did this for almost a year and I was so happy with how my hair bounced back. My hair was shiny, bouncy and thicker. However, with how well my hair was doing it wasn’t growing any longer. I couldn’t grow my hair past a certain length. (Bottom of my neck). This frustrated me to no end, so I decided to take matters into my own hands grow my hair.

I researched African hair care and found a wealth of knowledge online. Apparently I wasn’t the only black girl out there wondering why our race couldn’t grow hair longer.  I got tips and tricks on proper afro hair care and before I knew it the length of my hair just kept increasing.  It took some work dedication and patience, but in the end I got to achieve my hair goals.

  • What major challenges/setbacks did you face?

Yes tons of setbacks I’ve had to cut back to APL (Arm Pit Length) quite a few times during my journey. I always suffer from crown breakage

  • How do people react to your hair?

I think I’ve been on my hair journey so long that everyone around me is used to my long hair.

  • What is your current hair regimen?

Over the course of my journey, I realized the simpler the better for me. My hair is in a protective style 90% of the time. I wash my hair with shampoo once a week, deep condition at least once a week for an hour with a mix of a moisturizing deep conditioner, honey, aloe vera, and coconut oil. Then I moisturize and seal my ends every night before bed.   If my hair is really dry I may cowash in between a shampoo. For strength I will do a protein treatment once every 4 weeks or as needed, I also only relaxer my hair every 3 -4 months. This regimen has definitely been tweaked over time, but it is the basis of my hair care routine.

  • What do you plan to achieve next, and how?

Not sure I’m toying with going natural. I haven’t been able to get past bsl with relaxed hair so I’m considering getting there with natural hair.

  • Do you have any hair crushes?

Sunshine of Hairlicious inc



So that’s it my hair story! My advice to you readers out there trying to get longer healthier hair is to learn to listen to your hair. Healthy black hair should be soft, shiny, manageable and strong. Feel your hair and listen to it, you will be surprised how clearly your hair will tell you what it needs.