HAIR STORY | Nemi’s Relaxed Hair Story

My hair story questions:


Meet Nemi…

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Nemi’s Stats

What’s Your Orientation?:   Both parents are 100% Nigerian
Are You Natural, Relaxed, Texlaxed…?:   I am relaxed
Hair’s Porosity level:   Low Porosity
Thickness of Hair Strands:   Medium strands
Hair Density:   Medium hair
Hair Length At Start Of Hair Journey?:   Short
Current Hair Length?:   Shoulder Length
Hair Goal?:   Thick healthy hair


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  • How long have you been on your hair journey?

2 years

  • Why did you decide to start your hair journey and why did you choose to be (Natural/Relaxed/Texlaxed)?

I have always been relaxed for as long as I can remember. I decided to change the way I treated my hair after visiting a caucasian hair salon, the owner had been studying African hair and she told me how to take better care of my hair. I also changed my diet and increased my protein intake and the results where outstanding. Thicker fuller hair!

  • What major challenges/setbacks did you face?

Though I enjoyed my new bouncy hair I had gotten used to wearing weaves and went back to hair dressers that cared more about the weave than your hair (always a bad sign)and I had badly installed weaves that damaged my edges.

  • How do people react to your hair?

People are surprised at how soft and full it is, my mother did not believe me when I told her it was natural


  • What is your current hair regimen?


  1. 2-3 relaxers a year
  2. Wash and deep condition and air dry every week
  3. Style with round brush for special occasions
  4. Wear my hair in a bun to protect the edges
  5. Get a trim 1-2 times a year


  • What do you plan to achieve next, and how?

My next hair goal is to learn more about my hair and how to stretch my relaxers without wearing weaves,wigs or extensions. Also how to style my hair elegantly without using too much heat.

  • Do you have any hair crushes?

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