HAIRSPIRATION | Hairstyle Pictorials Vol. 1

By Wande  



In a bid to diversify, spice up and make more interesting Protective styling, we bring you a few of our favourite hairstyle pictorials to inspire you, as it did us. We tried to bring a broad range, so that whether you’re natural, relaxed, texlaxed, transitioning, in braids or locs… and even in weaves, you can find at least one style that you can try out.


Bow Bun


Lade of


Lade’s got thick long relaxed/texlaxed hair, but this ‘Cute Bow’ retake of the bun can be done on shorter hair (from Shoulder length hair). Those with shorter or thinner hair can explore adding clip-in extensions or bulk extensions to the ponytail, to allow for a fuller, bigger bun.



Twisted Knot


Photo Courtesy: Africanaturalistas

This is a pretty easy to do protective everyday style that can be done on medium to long hair. It can be done on all types of hair – natural, relaxed, texlaxed, transitioning, locs… pretty much anyone



Classic Flat Twist-Out


A great way to define natural curls, without using heat. Best for naturals, but can also be done on transitioning hair, and texlaxed hair (you just need to practice till you get it right).



Jazz Up Your Braids!

arielle Katia

Photo Credit:

This French lady does great tutorials/Pictorials!

Jazz up your braids with this quick and easy style.



Ankara Heidi Braids


Photo Credit:

Also known as Milk maid braids… Revele Toi does a creative rendition of this classic style with a strip of ankara cloth (can be any strip piece of cloth). Great for the summer/hot climates, and can be done with weaves, your own hair (if it’s long enough), or with some extensions braided into your pigtails. Loving the fringe detail!



Swiss Roll

swiss-roll- iamcutibubbli

Photo Credit:


This elegant updo with the accessories detail work great for special occasions and even wedding updos. Can be done on any type of hair, if it’s long enough, and on weave installs.





This is a classy pin-up look that looks flirty, simple and fun. Will look great on natural hair. For those with straighter hair types, the pony tail bush can be tucked under and puffed.



The Speed Bun

afropufftutorial- kinkykurlysistas

Photo Credit:


Another great pictorial by Revele Toi!

This speedy bun is an easy go-to protective style for those with shorter natural hair.




Cute Braided Updo


Photo Credit: Dark and Lovely

This style and model is too cute for words! Pretty easy style that can be done by anyone.



Complicated Flower Updo



If you follow us on Instagram, you know that we love this protective style. Pretty and elegant, perfect for any special occasion, or for a bridal updo. So far the best tutorial of this we have found, but still looking for an even more descriptive one.









We hope you enjoyed these Pictorials as much as we have. We hope you give some of them a try, and props up if you are able to give the complicated flower bun a go. Which ones are your favourite styles?