HAIRSTYLE | How To Crochet Braids with TheChicNatural



Gorgeous Protective Style Idea…


If you are tired of weaves and the conventional braids, and are looking for a protective style that would both keep your hair hidden, and won’t put too much pressure on it; Crochet Braids are for you!

This new method of protective styling has been out for a while, but we haven’t seen one look as gorgeous as the one TheChicNatural does in this video.

YouTuber, TheChicNatural, shows us how to do this simple, practical, yet elegant looking style, using just Marley braids and a Latch (or you can use a Crochet) hook.

She used almost 3 Packs of Marley Hair, and maintains the style by putting it up in a loose high puff at night, and fluffing it out in the morning.


Please do check back for more information on the Marley Hair and hook, including where you can purchase it.


Watch, Learn and Enjoy!!!