HAIRSTYLE TUTORIAL | Braided Bun & Swirl with Peakmill




Here’s Another Protective Style Idea for All Hair Types…

YouTuber, Peakmill, shows us another way to wear our own hair in a protective style. The Bun and Swirl she does in this video only took 15 minutes to do, and about one and a half packets of Jumbo hair.

This style can be worn casually, for everyday use, and also for dressier occasions. It can be done on any hair type, whether you are relaxed, texlaxed, natural, transitioning or loced. To make it last, try tying a scarf around it and wearing a bonnet. You may find that you need to redo the swirls sometimes.

Try it out in between your relaxers, weaves and/or braids, or anytime you need your hair to breathe and be protected.



Gel: fantasia ic(does not flake, dry out, or break your hair and contains no acohol)

**Another gel suggestion is Eco Styler Gel