HAIRSTYLE TUTORIAL | Twist Out on Relaxed/Texlaxed Hair with Babilon Kay

Babilon Kay


Get Heat Free Curls on Texlaxed or Relaxed Hair as well…

Naturals aren’t the only ones that can have fun with curls (without using heat or extensions)… Those with looser curls, texlaxed hair and even relaxed hair, can get healthy gorgeous curls with a few techniques, which we covered in this post here.

One of the methods mentioned are Twist outs… This is a great way to achieve heat free curls for all hair types, from naturals, transitioners, to texlaxed, relaxed, and even loc’d hair.

YouTuber, Babilon Kay, shows us in this video, how she achieves her perfect twist outs on texlaxed hair. Experiment with methods and products till you get the set that suit your hair best, and give you the best results.



Watch, Learn and Enjoy!!!