HAIRSTYLE | Twist Out on TWA with Natural Chica


naturalchica twistout


Take Control of your Teeny Weeny Afro… Define it!

Having short natural hair is no excuse to have shabby hair, in fact, it’s a great excuse to have fun with it.

A great way to wear your afro out is to do a twist out. YouTuber and Blogger, Nikkimae2003 (aka Natural Chica), shows us in this video how she defines her TWA into a tapered twist out using the new Shea Moisture JBCO collection.

Note that this hairstyle can be done on any hair type, including 4c hair. You just have to find the right set of products and techniques to suit your hair an environment. Experiment and practise to find your perfect Twist out.

Let’s know how you get on with it, and if you encountered any problems.


Watch, Learn & Enjoy!!!