African hair can grow just as long as those of other races, but somehow, due to misinformation and bad practices, most never grow longer than a few inches, or just aren’t very healthy.

Whether you decide to wear your hair natural, relaxed, texlaxed… or even in dreadlocks, the same principles apply to grow all African hair long and healthy. The most important one to note is MOISTURE! MOISTURE!! MOISTURE!!! Black African hair is actually the most sensitive of all hair types because of its tight curls… check hair types. Because of how curly it is, moisture/natural oils from the scalp can’t travel all the way to the hair tips. As a result, black hair is prone to dry ends, which break off. This is the reason why most African hair never achieves ultimate length, because it breaks off before it is able to grow past a certain length.

Growing your hair is not magic… It takes love, patience, work, dedication and time. The average hair grows about half an inch per month (approximately 1cm). Depending on how slow or fast your hair grows; it can take years to achieve your goal length, which may still be subject to factors like hereditary and setbacks. The most important thing you should concentrate on is growing the healthiest hair you can, and then retaining as much length as you desire. To do this, you need to observe the principles, build a hair regime around your lifestyle, learn to choose the right products for your hair, and try to observe a healthy lifestyle. This Guide will show you:


  1. The Basic Principles of Growing Long Healthy African Hair
  2. Building a Healthy Hair Care Regimen
  3. Caring For Relaxed Hair
  4. Caring For Natural Hair
  5. Caring For Texlaxed Hair
  6. Guide to Choosing the Right Products
  7. Observing a Healthy Lifestyle