Herbal Essence Cleansing Conditioner Review by Yoyin

By Yoyinsola


Herbal Essence Cleansing Conditioner (HECC)

The idea of using a conditioner to wash my hair (co- wash) was something I refused to entertain until now. Before using the herbal essence cleansing conditioner, I had previously (1 year ago to be exact) tried using my regular conditioner to co- wash. This left my hair feeling greasy (which is the strangest word to describe my natural hair) and full of build up. After that attempt, I concluded that co- washing was just not for me. Then came the herbal essence cleansing conditioner, which I discovered, from a YouTuber. I decided to give co- washing another try because, firstly, my hair continually felt dry and stripped after washing despite various attempts to moisturize. Secondly, it was ridiculously cheap (coming in at $4… about N680) so I thought no harm could come of it if it proved to be ineffective, I would just use the rest of it as a shaving cream.

Wet hair after co-wash

Wet hair after co-wash

I would describe my first time using HECC as miraculous (I know its just a conditioner and not the second coming). To begin with, I noticed the conditioner was minty and left a “tingly” sensation on my scalp when used. I divided my hair into 4 sections and applied the conditioner on wet hair, section by section. Then as stated on the bottle, I left it in for 3 minutes before washing it off. Not only did it get rid of my build up (which I wasn’t expecting from a conditioner), it defined my curls as well as moisturized my hair. As a result, I didn’t feel the need to deep condition my hair afterwards. Another observation I made was that it actually helped in my battle against humidity. Now any natural haired woman in Nigeria knows the effect of naija’s humidity on their hair, well this conditioner enabled my twist out to remain defined as well as reduced the level of shrinkage I usually have. Like any seasoned product junkie, I gave the product a few more tries to see if it would replicate the initial results, which to my surprise it did. For someone who has never committed to any product, I have already stocked up in fear that I won’t be able to find the HECC here in Lagos. Needless to say, I give the herbal essence cleansing conditioner 5 stars and recommend anyone who can get their hands on it to give it a try. You wont be disappointed…