HHJ | Beginners Guide To Hair Porosity with Julie Oli

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What kind of Hair Products work best for your hair has a lot to do with your Hair Porosity…

Have you ever found that a hair product that someone loves and raves about does absolutely nothing for your hair, doesn’t make your hair feel nice, and or makes you hair feel too greasy / not moisturised enough; This may actually have something to do with the differences in your Hair Porosity levels.

We have an article on this, written by temilola a couple of months ago. Click here for the article.

Now this video by YouTuber, and healthy hair grower, Julie Oli of Healthy Afro Hair, breaks down what you need to know about hair porosity, the different levels, and how you might be able to work out your hair’s level.

Here’s a summary:

“So hair porosity is all about your hair’s ability or inability to absorb water or moisture and there are 3 levels; Low, Normal & High.

With Low porosity hair, you’ll find that rather than moisture absorbing into your hair, it feels like it’s just sits on top, without penetrating into the hair shaft. With normal porosity, you’ll find that your hair will absorb and retain moisture well, which tends to last for long periods of time and with high porosity hair, you’ll find that your hair will easily absorb moisture, but it only lasts for a short while, before it feels dry again.

If you’re unsure of your hair’s porosity levels, then there’s something called the ‘Strand Test’ which many people use. You can give that a try and see whether it helps you. But as mentioned in this video, we have on average, 100,000 hair strands on our head, so you may have different porosity levels all over, so it may not be 100% accurate.”

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