HOW TO | Make Clip-in Extensions (& Apply as a Full Head Install) with TheChicNatural


TheChicNatural Clip ins

What You Need


Learn to Make Clip-in Extensions and Get a Full Head of Weave… by yourself… in one swoop!

YouTuber, TheChicNatural, makes great hair tutorial videos, doesn’t she?

In this video, she shows a quick and simple way to make your own clip-in extensions at home, and how to get a full head of weave installation with them.

This makes a great protective style for anyone, whether you’re natural, relaxed, texlaxed or transitioning.

You can also use a few clip-ins extensions in between your hair layers to add volume and even length to your own hair. Perfect for those with finer hair density… Tutorial coming soon…


Watch, Learn and Enjoy!!!