HOW TO | Remove Crochet Braids with Chizi Duru

Chizi Duru



We Showed You how to Put it up… Now Learn How to Take it Down…


We showed you how to create TheChicNatural’s gorgeous Crochet Braids.

As gorgeous as it was, some of you, like us, must have wondered how tricky, painful and risky it might be to take them down, especially to your hair’s health.

YouTuber, Chizi Duru, shows us in this video, how to remove Crochet Braid hairstyles, with minimum breakage to your own hair. It’s a very easy process! And all you need is a wide toothed comb, a pair of scissors and some 100% natural oil (EVOO here).

Note: Make sure to completely detangle your hair properly before washing, to avoid hair matting and subsequent hair loss from this.

We hope you find this useful.


Watch, Learn and Enjoy!!!