HAIR | Keeping Processed Hair Healthy

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By Temilola


Whether you’re a natural girl who colours her hair, or you choose to relax or texlax or texturize your hair… or even choose to do more than one chemical process… Make sure to keep your hair healthy!

There are a few measures to take after processing your hair. All chemical processes tend to weaken the hair follicle, which eventually leads to breakage.

Below are tips to help maintain healthy hair


  • Use Gentle Cleaners: I find that using a gentle shampoo and focusing on cleansing the scalp as opposed to cleansing the hair itself can reduce tangles and keep your hair healthy. Harsh cleansers tend to dry out the hair and weaken it even more, which is the opposite of what your hair needs.
  • Add Protein: This step is absolutely necessary in your new routine. Proteins help to strengthen your hair and prevent breakage. Look for ingredients like hydrolyzed wheat protein, silk amino proteins, for instance, in your hair products including stylers.
  • Moisture: Processed hair tends to dry out more than normal. As you also use more protein, the moisture level also has to increase to create a balance because too much protein will result in brittle hair. Look for products with better moisturising ingredients and less silicones. Avoid petrolatum and mineral oil.
  • Deep conditioning: Most people deep condition their hair, but processed hair requires special care. It is advisable to increase those deep conditioning treatments to every one to two weeks to ensure the hair has protein and moisture balance.
  • Avoid Over Processing Hair: Avoid adding more chemicals (relaxers, hair dyes…) to already processed hair. It further weakens the hair. Process only the new growth.

Show your hair some TLC, and it will reward you with health and strength.



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