Maintaining a Short and Stunning TWA

By Hollis


If you have a TWA chances are you’ve recently done the Big Chop. Rocking a TWA usually signifies that you’re newly natural and loving it. However, many women prefer the style over longer tresses because it is so low maintenance, not to mention the fact that women wearing this style exude undeniable confidence and beauty.

But don’t think that it’s as easy as chopping it all off and never looking back. Even short hair requires some maintenance if you want to continue looking great. Here are some tips on how to keep your TWA looking sleek and sexy.






Keep a fresh haircut – Your hair grows faster than you think. If you plan on keeping wearing a low cut as a style, make sure it looks clean and crisp. Get a weekly cut or trim to ensure your TWA keeps its edge.

Know The Lingo – Do you know what a medium temp fade or dark temp fade is? Your barber does and these terms let him know how you want your hair and edges to be cut or lined up. No one expects you to know this stuff on your first visit, but it’s helpful for you to learn so there are no misunderstandings later.

Wrap It Up – Even short hair should be covered at night. Cotton pillowcases absorb the moisture from your hair and when combined with the friction of tossing and turning all night, it spells dry, beady disaster for your hair. Protect your tresses with a silk scarf before bed (or else say goodbye to the deep waves of your low cut Caesar.)

Avoid Frequent Shampooing – Shampoo is meant to remove dirt, oil, and product residue from hair. However, since your hair is worn short, shampoo ends up stripping your scalp of much needed natural oils. This leads to a dry, flaky scalp.

Moisturise – Moisture is vital for keeping all hair types healthy, regardless of length. If you have very short hair the daily application of a leave-in conditioning spray followed by a small amount of olive oil, coconut oil or jojoba oil should keep your hair and scalp nicely moisturized.

Brush – Get a good brush that feels right for your hair (not too hard or soft) and keep it handy so you can brush your hair several times a day or as needed.

Groom Your Eyebrows – What’s the point of having an impeccable haircut if your eyebrows look like runaway caterpillars? Eyebrows set the face, so be sure yours are well groomed and looking fab! (This may require some waxing, plucking or filling in with an eyebrow pencil.)

Get The Front and Back of Your Hair Lined Up – Everyone knows you have to get your “kitchen” edged up if you don’t want the back of your neck to look a mess. But don’t you want to look just as good walking up as you do walking away? Have your barber clean up your front hair line too. This keeps your TWA looking sleek and clean like an actual hairstyle instead of giving the impression that your hairline had grown out of control because you’re attempting to grow your hair out.  

Have you ever worn a low haircut? Did you struggle with feeling feminine or pretty without having long hair or did you find it liberating?