MAKEUP | Tips to Make Your lipstick Last All Day

By Wande O.

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Gorgeous lips can make your look… Especially gorgeous red lips. The lovely thing about red lips for me is that you can be lazy with your makeup and still look amazing, modern and effortlessly chic (one or all at the same time).

What’s not so hot though, is when you’ve had a meal or a drink, and your lipstick comes off (in a not so pleasant way too), and you have to keep reapplying it. Sigh… too much work.

So here are some tips to help you keep your lipstick lasting through meals and drinks, and all day long… At least much longer than usual.

  1.  Exfoliate lips with a soft toothbrush or lip scrub, to get rid of dead skin, and leave softer, smoother lips
  2. Moisturise lips with a lip cream or balm. One without petroleum jelly (petrolatum) is preferable, as this ingredient coats lips without really moisturising them
  3. Apply Concealer to give lips a neutral even base to allow the lipstick colour pop out better.
  4. Use a lip liner, a similar shade to the lipstick, to trace out the perimeter of your lips. This minimises the risk of your lipstick bleeding, and helps define your lips. Apply and smudge the lip liner inward, on the lips, to act as a colour base for your lipstick as well.
  5. Apply your lipstick, either using a lip brush, or straight from the stick. Apply one coat.
  6. Take one ply of a tissue, and place over your lips. Now apply powder (Can be ordinary talc powder) over lips using a fluffy powder brush.
  7. Apply another coat of lipstick.
  8. You can repeat step 6 and 7 a couple more times as you desire.
  9. Check your teeth!
  10. Now enjoy your lovely lips all day long.