Mariam’s Relaxed Hair Story

My hair story questions:


Meet Mariam…


Mariam’s Stats

What’s Your Orientation?:   My mother is Ghanian and My father is Nigerian
Are You Natural, Relaxed, Texlaxed…?:   Presently Relaxed with some highlights (but just started texturizing)
Hair’s Porosity level:   Low – Medium porosity
Thickness of Hair Strands:   Thick strands
Hair Density:   Medium – thick hair
Hair Length At Start Of Hair Journey?:   Almost neck length
Current Hair Length?:   A little past Bra strap length
Hair Goal?:   Whip length ( between waist and hip)for now
What’s Your Hair Type?:   A mixture of 4a and 4b
Hair’s Growth Rate?:   Very very slow about 0.33cm per month




  • How long have you been on your hair journey?

About 4 years now, I started January 2010

  • What made you decide to start your hair journey?

I have always wanted long hair but thought it was impossible for the “typical” black woman. I came across an article of a black lady talking about her Bra strap length hair and wondered how that was possible. I began to do some research and with the bulk of information I found online, I made up my mind to work hard and achieve long healthy hair.

  • Why did you decide to be Relaxed?

I have always been relaxed for as long as I can remember, I like the way my hair is now, but may decide to transition to natural someday.

  • What major challenges/setbacks did you face?

Leaving a weave installment for too long which caused my hair to mat a lot. It took forever to detangle and I lost some hair even after that. Also leaving my hair to the care of a scissors happy stylist.

  • How do people react to your hair?

A lot of people think it’s a weave, I get a lot of weave checks and wows when they find out it’s all mine. People also think I’m mixed with something, or just one of those people with “good hair”

  • What is your current hair regimen?

  1. I wash and deep condition at least once in two weeks using olive oil clarifying shampoo and olive oil replenishing conditioner respectively. I also do a protein treatment once a month or after taking down a weave installment or braids.
  2. I moisturize and seal my hair at least once in three days using any moisturizer that doesn’t contain petroleum or mineral oil. I also use a mixture of glycerin, water and any oil of my choice to moisturize when I’m in braids or weaves.
  3. I protective style my hair using braids, weaves or Bunning my natural hair, anything to keep the ends of my hair protected.
  4. I also take supplements, mostly multivitamin and or fish oil.
  5. I stretch my relaxers between 16 – 26 weeks depending on my tolerance of the new growth


  • What do you plan to achieve next, and how?

I plan to achieve full healthy mid back length hair next, and I plan to do so by continuing with my present regime.

  • Do you have any hair crushes?

Onika, Reniece and Njoy; all on Youtube.