NEWS |Dark & Lovely’s New Braids and Weaves Product Line hits the Nigerian Market


Dark n Lovely

Dark & Lovely’s new Braids and Weaves line


L’Oreal West Central Africa recently launched a new line of their Dark & Lovely brand, specifically targeted at us African ladies (and gents… those with locs can benefit from this too), who love to wear braids and weaves. The Braids n’ Weaves line offers solutions to the common problems usually associated with wearing these styles- Dry hair, Itching scalp, Fading hairlines …and  that damp hair smell…

Now if you read our previous post Simple Tips for Growing Hair under weaves, you’ll know that weaves, wigs and braids can ONLY be protective styles if you care for your own hair while wearing them. This means Wash and condition your hair and scalp, moisturise and seal your hair, massage and take care of those edges (hairline).


The Dark and Lovely: Braids n’ Weaves solution offers:

  • Hair Refresher – To help refresh hair with a pleasant smell, and keep braids and weaves smelling brand new!
  • Scalp Wash – To wash scalp (and hopefully your hair), to keep it clean, flake-free and remove excess oil build-up.
  • Scalp Soother – To relieve scalp from itchiness and tightness associated with braids and weaves. We recommend it used as a scalp oil, when moisturising your hair
  • S.O.S Hairline – For the scalp and roots, particularly around the hairline, to help prevent damage caused by intensive and tightly done braids and weaves. We recommend you use this to massage your scalp and hairline, to stimulate and promote hair growth.


We will soon be putting up more details of these products in our Products Review section, including what Ingredients they contain, Directions for use and Where to buy. Please do take a look and inform yourselves. If you have tried any of these products, we ask that you please register your profile on our website, and review and comment on your experience with them. Let’s help each other stay informed on our healthy hair journeys.

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