By Temilola

dudu osun

Commercial Dudu-Osun


Local black soap

Local black soap

Traditional African soap known as ose dudu is one of the most beneficial soaps in the market.

It is made from dried plantain skins, palm leaves, cocoa pod powder and kernel oil; the plantain skins make the soap effective, it is rich in vitamin a, e and iron.

Black soap is usually dark brown (not black as the name suggests) it has no discernible fragrance.


When we think of black soap we instantly think of Dudu Osun, Dudu Osun is a brand of black soap, formulated from entirely natural ingredients. It provides all the benefits of the unrefined black soap plus some fragrance. Dudu Osun smells sweet, feels silky to the touch and melts easily. Without the added fragrance I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference from the unrefined soap.



Pure honey, Shea butter, Osun (camwood), palm kernel oil, cocoa pod ash, palm bunch ash, aloe Vera, lime juice, lemon juice, water and fragrance.






Helps to deep clean skin

Can be used as a shampoo

Help to relieve oily skin

Helps to clear the skin of bumps and spots

Works well as a makeup remover.


With all these great benefits, it is definitely a keeper and can find a place in your hair or skin regimen.  The best thing about black soap is the price, it is dirt cheap and can be found in your local market if you are searching for the unrefined one or at the shops for well under N200.