On TheBOAH.com, we believe that true beauty begins with having a beautiful foundation: Having beautiful own-grown hair (whether it’s natural, relaxed, texlaxed, or dreads), and beautiful clear skin. Makeup, weaves and other peripherals can then be used to further enhance your beauty, as opposed to being used to mask bad skin and hair. These tools, and using them correctly, can take a person from being plain/average looking, to being completely beautiful.

How you choose to wear your hair and makeup is a very personal decision, and boils down to your personality, your style, and how you choose to express these. Some people prefer a more natural look, while some others want a more glamorous look. However, irrespective of what look you’re going for, the difference between pulling it off beautifully, and looking like a hoochie clown; comes down to correctly picking and applying makeup, and overall get up.

Learning how to use the right type of makeup correctly, wear your hair, weaves, and braids in a diverse range of styles, and other general beauty tips; is what this page is about.