HAIRSTYLE TUTORIAL | Heatless Waves using Bantu Knot Outs with Lauren

Lauren Mechelle


How to Get Sexy Beach Waves on Relaxed Hair… the Healthy Way!

When growing healthy African hair, it is important to use no to minimal heat on your hair, especially when you are relaxed/texlaxed, to avoid breakage.

This however, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with curls and waves… You just need to learn the healthier way to do so.

YoutTuber, Lauren Mechelle, shows us in this video how to get sexy beach waves on relaxed hair, using minimal heat. Her Bantu knot-out technique only requires a Water Spritz, and some Fabric covered Scrunchies. The hooded dryer is optional.

Get inspired and try it out! Suitable for all hair types (natural, relaxed, texlaxed etc).



Watch, Learn, Enjoy!